VA Loan Calculator

One of my first projects at Veterans United, this organic lead generator proved to us that accessible mobile first tools win over complex interfaces.

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Home loan affordability calculator

This tool taught us that fewer fields isn’t always better. By breaking monthly expenses into individual inputs, users could quickly enter data without doing their own math.

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VA Funding Fee calculator

This simple calculator provides an estimate of fees specific to VA loans. This organic landing page tool proved to be winner in conversions.

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Animating the numbers

This app became foundational for the way our teams handled accessibility for complex dynamic calculators and using animations as progress indicators.

The calculation is practically instantaneous making it difficult for the customer to recognize that anything changed. By adding a gentle waiting animation over the numbers gives the user a moment to cognitively recognize how the calculator works.

Funding fee calculator number animation

Comparison Calculator

This calculator launched with thoughtful multivariate testing for organic lead generation.

It was designed to overcome the customer tendency to ignore navigation or updates placed at the bottom of the page because it’s easily perceived as an ad.

Comparison Calculator homepage

The product of hours of testing sessions.

This calculator was developed from seeing UI successes and failures in both our own calculator products, and competitors.

Calculators represent a massive opportunity for lead generation. They are highly trafficked, but often convert relatively poorly.

The attention grabbing animated pie chart pulls the eye toward the calculator results — attempting to overcome ad blindness exhibited by our test subjects.

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