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When each step of your agile lifecycle holistically supports accessibility best practices it can drastically change outcomes.

Let’s add tools, not bureaucracy

You can’t change the way people think, all you can do is give them a tool, the use of which will change their thinking.
— R. Buckminster Fuller.

Design deliverables

The most important artifact from the design process is the conversation the designer should have with the rest of the team about the experience you want for your customers.

Increase conversations and collaboration

  • Add accessibility annotations to design files
  • Include developer team in design reviews
  • Include design team in product demos

Product owners/managers

Product sets expectations for the customer experience, but that experience needs to be clearly defined.

Set the right expectations

  • Include accessibility acceptance criteria with stories
  • Require demos of product with the keyboard or other assistive technology


Developers are generally driven to create the best in class defect free experiences, but without clear acceptance criteria the experience will suffer.

Add tooling and team agreements

  • Set up basic assistive technology test suite
  • Choose uniform automated test tools
  • Update team agreements to include accessibility acceptance critera as definition of ready
  • Definition of done to include testing with basic assistive technology

QA testing

Testers must have clear test cases to test for accessibility compliance, otherwise they will miss glaring defects or create false positives that cost time and money.

Add tooling and upskill teams

  • Set up basic assistive technology test suite
  • Choose uniform automated test tools
  • Require accessibility acceptance critera for test cases

CI/CD pipeline

Integration and deployment pipelines are the final opportuntities

Add gating and collaboration

  • Choose uniform automated test tools for gating
  • Generate code quality reports for managers
  • Define an escalation path for exceptions

How to get started

Let’s conduct interviews and understand how we can add the right tools to your processes.

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