If I was working with you today

I would be helping developers adopt these practices into their work:

  • Using valid semantic markup
  • Testing for accessibility during development
  • Requiring accessibility acceptance critera in their definition of ready

Developer coaching

Developer teams are very willing to build for accessibility, but they need a tools that allows them to change the way they work and guidance on the most efficient way to get there.

While I’m not here to make the commits to your repository, I can spell out the solution in code to your team and teach them why we’re doing it that way.

There are two main ways I can help your developer teams.

Writing accessible code from the start

As an expert in front-end UI engineering, I can directly coach your team through code development at any stage of a project.

This kind of coaching generally happens at a grooming session each sprint as they begin working on a feature.

Essential guidance

  • Writing semantic HTML
  • Understanding acceptance criteria
  • Learning now to test with the keyboard and screenreader

Remediation guidance

When a team is charged with remediating existing code, I can help your team understand issues from an assessment and find the quickest way to achieve real compliance.

Teams in this situation will need intense and often daily help as they bring each defect out of their backlog.

Essential guidance

  • How to prioritize and size defects
  • Learning now to test with the keyboard and screenreader so they can reproduce defects
  • When to use aria attributes
  • Adding tabindex to the right components (and removing it from the wrong components)
  • Writing keyboard event listeners
  • Understanding acceptance criteria

How to get started

I can attend a grooming session or be available for remediation guidance.

Contact me to get started.