Identity projects are some of my favorite work

From the earliest days of my career, I've had amazing organizations that needed an identity.

Show Me State Games

This mark served as an identity for various SMSG (State Olympic) events from 2007 on.


Plane was an online continuing education platform that was playful without being geeky.

Academy of Early Childhood Learning

More than a daycare — This structured curriculum develops life skills and prepares children for kindergarten and beyond.

Vision Zero

Columbia's Vision Zero goal needed a recognizable mark that could be broken into smaller components for video and promotional use.

La Roca Dance Studio

Located on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, La Roca Dance Studio caters to those wanting to learn the art of Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing

The Blue Note

Mimicking a rough woodblock cut, this mark represented one of Columbia, Missouri’s best known identities.

Blue Frog Cafe

This illustrated logo was inspired by the unique bright blends and character of this coffee shop.

Arnie Realty Group (ARG!)

Arnie, a local real estate developer, asked for a pirate. A handsome pirate.


This fabulous non-profit that advocates for active transportation needed a logo, branding, web, print and a lot of collateral products along the way.

CoMo Realty

This mark reflects how looking at homes has changed so much in the last decade. The ability to search online, look at locations on a map and gather data before even talking to a real estate agent is common in the home buying experience.

The District

An original version of this mark served the CID well for a decade, The District’s leadership was interested in a refresh that would “go unnoticed by a casual observer.”

Nursing Beyond Borders

The (proposed) logo for this tremendously agile medical NGO logo is corporate without looking stuffy.