If I was working with you today

I would be helping product owners/managers adopt these best practices into their work.

  • Facilitate collaboration between designers and developers to define the experience for people with disabilities
  • Use A11yEngineer.com to generate acceptance criteria
    • Require accessibility acceptance criteria required as developer definition of ready and testing for accessibility in the definition of done
  • Demand product demonstrations with keyboard and screenreader

More than that though, I would also be giving them a new lens with which to view accessibility as the path to more valuable products.

Benefits of accessible products

While product managers may be hesitant to adopt accessibility, viewing it as a cumbersome requirement at first, there are a lot of ways to explain the benefits; some are obvious, some are not.

Add value through accessibility

With my innovation driven approach to accessibility, I’m ready to help your organization master the craft of accessibility by winning friends (rather than battles) in all roles of any enterprise.

When your your product owner/manager teams put accessibility at the beginning of their processes, they will create more valuable products for your enterprise.

Competitive advantage

  • 26% of the US population has a disability that requires accommodation
  • People with disabilities are the larges minority in the country
  • This adds up to a combined purchasing power in the the billions of dollars
  • Reduce the exposure lawsuits that your competitors will face

Living your organization’s values

Every organization has a set of values that often include core ethical tenets like treating people with respect and doing the right thing.

Building accessibility into our features fits those values, and ignoring those values breaches them.

Better experience for all customers

Time and time again, focuing on accessibility in design and development makes a better product for everyone.

Traits of accessible applications:

  • Faster and more responsive as a result of competent developers
  • Fewer bugs because of more complete testing practices
  • Naturally SEO optimized because of compliant document structure and plain language
  • Simpler and more intuitive for all people

How to get started

I can attend a grooming session or be available for remediation guidance.

Contact me to get started.