VU Careers

Goal: increasing job applicant quality, reduce shotgun applications

Helping people apply for the right job

The success and well known culture of Veterans United means many people apply for jobs, but too many applications were overwhelming the recruiting staff.

The home loan industry contains a multitude of specialized job titles, making it difficult to apply for the correct job. As a result, the recruiters at Veterans United were processing with an unwieldy number of applications that were just "shotgunned" to multiple jobs.

To remedy this, I worked with our recruiters to develop business areas in to describe roles (rather than departments) in layman's terms.

This helped increase the quality of applications, meaning our recruiters had more time to interview, rather than process paperwork.


  • Front End Developer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Strategists
  • Video Production
  • Photography


  • Twig
  • Sass
  • Wistia
  • jQuery


  • PhpStorm
  • Codekit