WCAG guides by role

These guides were designed to be printed and left as takeaways for presentations and meetings.

Accessibility for Product Managers

Product managers have specific responsibilities and expectations laid out for them in this one page guide.

Accessibility for UX Designers

UX designers are encouraged to take ownership of the UX for people with different abilities.

Accessibility for developers

Developers must pay attention to semantic markup and logical DOM order.

Accessibility for QA/User Testers

Testers need to have specific expectations of how to test and what the experience should account for so they create fewer false defects.

Accessibility for CMS authors

Content authors working with a CMS tool have a huge influence over how accessible content is authored.

Accessibility for iOS / Android

While WCAG/WAI-ARIA wasn't written for these apps, the principles apply very well.

Accessibility for internal teams

Internal communications for employees and meetings must also put accessibility first.


  • UX Researcher
  • Front End Developer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Strategists
  • Video Production


  • Print


  • Adobe InDesign